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Dog washing services in Geelong

If you want to keep your dog looking and feeling great, Stylin’ Dogs provides a professional dog grooming service at our Geelong salon, where our ultimate aim is to care for your dog and have it coming back to you looking great, healthy and happy.

Our salon range of dog grooming and clipping services includes:

Stylin’ Dogs provides a caring dog grooming service where we treat your dog using our experience in dealing with all types of dogs and dog temperaments. Contact us for more information or fill out our dog grooming booking form.

Clipping & Grooming

Clipping and grooming your dog is not only important for it to look great, it is important to keep it healthy so there are no parasites, skin diseases or overgrown toenails. Stylin’ Dogs is an experienced and professional dog grooming service that takes care of your dog and provides either a full clip that gives...
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Deodorising & Flea Rinse

Flea control is vital for your dog – not only in the warmer months, but all year round. If fleas are not kept in check, they will drive both you and your dog crazy. Part of Stylin’ Dogs’ dog grooming service is to provide a flea rinse which will eliminate 99.9% of fleas from your...
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Heated Hydrobath

At Stylin’ Dogs we provide your dog with the added luxury of a heated hydrobath as part of our dog grooming service in Geelong. We¬†provide a warm, fresh water wash and rinse for each and every dog. Each dog is given fresh water as we do not recycle water between dog washes. This means there...
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Nail & Ear Care

At Stylin’ Dogs we understand the importance of clipping dog’s nails and having your dog’s ears cleaned. Maintaining nail and ear care prevents further problems down the track which can cause your dog pain or infections. Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain when they curl over and grow into the pad which can lead...
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