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Geelong dog grooming flea rinse

Flea control is vital for your dog – not only in the warmer months, but all year round. If fleas are not kept in check, they will drive both you and your dog crazy. Part of Stylin’ Dogs’ dog grooming service is to provide a flea rinse which will eliminate 99.9% of fleas from your dog.

Flea bites can lead to more serious problems such as an infection, eczema or dogs chewing continually at the one spot. Our dog washing service provides a great flea treatment where shampoos eradicate fleas on the dog and prevent them returning or hatching eggs. Regular treatment is needed to keep fleas away.

Dog groom deodorisor

At the end of your grooming service your dog then has a anti-bacterial cologne sprayed onto its coat which improves its condition, leaves it smelling fantastic and looking healthy and shiny.

Stylin’ Dogs is a full dog grooming and clipping service in Geelong, offering a heated hydrobath and dog nail clip and ear cleaning.

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