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Geelong heated hydrobath service for dogs

At Stylin’ Dogs we provide your dog with the added luxury of a heated hydrobath as part of our dog grooming service in Geelong. We¬†provide a warm, fresh water wash and rinse for each and every dog. Each dog is given fresh water as we do not recycle water between dog washes. This means there is no cross contamination between animals of skin diseases, fleas or other parasites.

We only use dog groom products that are appropriate for your particular dog’s skin type and we are happy to listen to you and advise on the right product for your dog. We accommodate all skin types, whether sensitive or not, and all fur types.

For more information on our Geelong dog grooming services call us now. We also provide dog clipping and grooming, nail and ear care and deodorising and flea rinse. We care for your dog as much as you do.