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Clipping Dog's Nails Geelong

At Stylin’ Dogs we understand the importance of clipping dog’s nails and having your dog’s ears cleaned. Maintaining nail and ear care prevents further problems down the track which can cause your dog pain or infections.

Dog nail clipping

Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain when they curl over and grow into the pad which can lead to some dogs unable to walk properly because of the nail length. In the worst case, dogs cannot walk at all. When claws aren’t in contact with the ground they become potentially dangerous as they can leave a painful scratch.

Dog ear care

Dogs can get a lot of foreign matter in their ears whether they are out walking and digging holes or if they are mainly indoors. Because of this, they need to have their ears regularly checked and cleaned thoroughly. An inspection of ears can also reveal infections and fly bites as well as whether mites are present.

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